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Learn about our mission and goals

Innovation is a Verb

We seek entrepreneurs who are solving the hard problems of health care. We aim to leverage Atlantic Health System's extensive network to explore new ideas and hone in on those that will have meaningful impact on our patients and health care professionals.  

Our venture strategy is tied to the four pillars of Atlantic Health System's goals. Tell us how your project aligns with these goals:


Will your idea or product improve clinical outcomes and/or build healthier communities?

Popultion Health

Does your idea or product align with value-based care, combining integrated health care services, efficient processes, and a patient-centered approach to create better outcomes and fewer hospital visits? 


Will your idea help Atlantic Health System expand digital care services beyond our physical market footprint to touch more lives?

Innovation, Education, and Research

Are you ready to develop and improve your next-generation idea through our Atlantic Venture Studio and Membership Program?

Our Digital Principles

We believe our venture studio can accelerate innovation in health care. By investing in digital products and services, we can bridge care gaps and improve access, navigation, and clinical quality to build healthier communities.


Our digital principles guide our path forward: 

Patients First
Make it Easy

Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible.

Alan Kay

American Computer Scientist

An Agile Experimenter's Mindset

We believe that achieving our goals takes an attitude of curiosity and grit with a bias for action and experimentation. We're here to help bring great ideas to life through our people, process, time, capital, and innovation framework.

A Holistic Studio Program


Expert advice from real health care operators.

Capital Investments

Infusing capital to bring ideas to life.

Strategic Partnerships

Joining forces to foster innovation.

Product & Service Co-Development

Deep technical integrations and experimentation.

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