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Venture Studio Framework

Guidelines for idea generation, evaluation, and execution

At the Atlantic Health Venture Studio, innovation is at the core of everything we do. We bring external partners and internal team members together to tackle emerging health care needs.  

Studio advisors, technology integration, industry partners, capital investment, strategic idea prioritization and our UX/UI design team are all connected to innovation in the center.

Innovation Framework

Our innovation framework will guide you through the steps we take to bring your ideas to life:

Innovation Framework Timeline: opportunity finding, idea generation, evaluation, prototype, test, measure, iterate

The Atlantic Venture Studio offers an environment of ideation, experimentation, and constructive feedback to help turn ideas into reality and make meaningful impact on the health of our communities. Our approach is not about judging ideas, but of exploring them to collaboratively identify risks, manage unknowns, and embrace opportunities. Our only expectation is that we learn together. 


We want to work with innovators who share our curiosity, creativity and grit. We evaluate all ideas based upon all of the following criteria:

Innovation Dimensions
  • Strategic Alignment

  • Clinical Grade

  • Financial Grade

  • Technical Grade

  • User Experience Grade

  • Integratable Grade

  • Customizable Service Grade

  • Reach

  • Impact

  • Confidence

  • Effort

Partnership Engagement
  • Innovator Engagement

  • Innovator SME

  • Workgroup Support

  • Leadership Backing

Outcomes and Patient Impact

We use data and user feedback to track outcomes and effectiveness. We track each phase of development with key metrics to determine optimal expansions and scale.


After building our case study, Atlantic Health System will publish our findings and share our results.  


Read about a recent collaboration: 

DIgital vaccine image.png

Digital Vaccine Card

The problem: Patients lost or forget the small, tangible 

COVID-19 vaccine card required to travel or attend events.


The solution: The digital vaccine card was developed in partnership with CLEAR. 

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